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We offer a selection of detailed price guides to all of our customers, as well as advice on various home improvement tasks.

We must stress that these are only intended to provide a simple indication of what the price may be based on an industry standard price. Of course, some professional trades people charge more than others.

What’s great about these guides is they provide our customers with a solid base of knowledge. They will then understand what each task entails and when they request a quote from local professional trades people from us, it will then be as accurate as possible.

detailed home improvement cost guides

This is important because it means there is less chance of hidden costs once the transman or women visits to assess the job and complete it for you. The more information they have then the easier it will be for them to quote you a fair and accurate price. A broken plug socket may be a simple fix. Or it could be just part of a wider problem involving the home’s entire electrical system. The trades person may only be able to identify this once they arrive, so it’s always worth knowing this.

Although in many cases this doesn’t happen. In fact, they may charge less than the original quote as the job is a quick win! We don’t expect customer’s to be experts, that’s why you’re coming to us. But the more we know the more we can help find the best solution and trades people for you.






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Think of us as just a helpful suggestion site. Somewhere you can go to anytime to find a helping hand. It sure beats searching through pages and pages of trades people in the local telephone directory. This is always a gamble. Many will not be in business anymore, some will be cowboys, and unless we call every single one on the telephone how do we know if we’re getting the best price or paying well over the odds?

Let us help and do this search for you.

Each of our trades people is highly recommend and committed helping customers just as much as we are.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote or for further information on local professional trades people in your area.